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Business valuation services

Whether you plan to sell or buy a business, raise funds for or invest in a venture; commissioning qualified business valuation services to help determine and negotiate the best price is a good idea. Performed by a professional business valuer, the business valuation will indicate how much your business is worth and why. It will also highlight errors, irregularities and possible exclusions in the seller’s financials statements, and point to potential improvements to increase the business value.

Business valuation services are highly beneficial, yet not compulsory, for business selling or buying purposes. An independent, professionally prepared business valuation is, however, often obligatory by law for some taxation treatments, family law, shareholder and other disputes.

Professional Business Valuers are business valuation specialists, qualified Australian CPA accountants who prepare business valuation reports in compliance with professional and ethical standards established by the Accounting Professional & Ethical Standards Board (APESB). These include APES 225 Valuation Services and accounting standards issued by the Australian Accounting Standard Board (AASB).

We provide a range of professional business valuation services:

Corporate Business Valuation service

Our Corporate Business Valuation service is often required for establishing the price when selling or buying a business and determining fair value for taxation or financial reporting. It can also help identify opportunities for improvement and business value increase.​

Startup Business Valuation service

Our Startup Business Valuation service helps founders understand what business stake it is necessary to sell to obtain the required startup funding. This service also helps early stage investors evaluate the targeted businesses’ worth.

Sales Memorandum service

Our Sales Memorandum service supplies business owners with a disclosure document designed to provide prospective business buyers with a full, accurate and attractive overview of the company.

Tap into insights from our professional business valuers:

Important aspects of a business valuation service

April 2020

Before a business valuation service commences, it is important to establish the business valuation purpose – is it transaction-driven (for a buyer, seller, investor), litigation-driven (divorce, shareholder disputes), tax-driven (CGT, related parties’ transactions) or to be used for accounting and financial reporting… Read more…

Types of business valuation services in Australia

February 2018

APES 225 Valuation Services indicates that the following three types of business valuation services can be provided by qualified Australian accountants, members of professional bodies such as CPA Australia or Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand… Read more…

​Business valuation approaches and methods

March 2016

There are three major commonly used business valuation approaches: income approach, market approach and asset approach. Under each approach, the value of a business can be determined by a number of methods… Read more…