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Sales Memorandum service

Our ​​​Sales Memorandum service supplies business owners with a disclosure document designed to provide prospective business buyers with a full, accurate and attractive overview of a company. Sales Memorandums are also often referred to as Information Memorandums.

Potential buyers use Sales Memorandums to find sufficient and relevant information about the business to make their acquisition decisions. Company history, market positioning, customer value proposition, customer base, operating model, strategic capabilities, future developments and opportunities are all critical elements of a successful Sales Memorandum.

Why choose Professional Business Valuers to write your Sales Memorandum?

  • We ensure that your Sales Memorandum addresses specific issues which businesses offered for sale must cover, and that the content and format meet criteria of your audience
  • We professionally gather, research, analyze and document information when delivering your Sales Memorandum service to ensure that your potential business buyers are presented with a detailed, relevant overview of your business
  • Our Sales Memorandums are written by an independent CPA accountant with Masters in Economics and Accounting and over 20 years of international business experience

What is included in our Sales Memorandums?

  • Executive summary
  • Business overview, including historical financial performance analysis with graphs
  • Industry/market overview
  • Future developments (may include financial projections with graphs, if ordered)
  • Sale price* and terms
  • Appendices

*The sale price can be determined/supported by our Corporate Business Valuation service, if ordered.

How much does our Sales Memorandum service cost?

Our Sales Memorandum service costs from $1,485, including GST.

Detailed addback analysis to supplement the historical financial summaries costs from $495.

3-year financial projections to support your Sales Memorandum cost from $595.

Sales Memorandum ordered together with our Corporate Business Valuation service costs from $945.

Please contact us to obtain a quote.

This is how our Sales Memorandum service is delivered:

  1. Call us on 02 4295 0079, email us at or Request a Call Back
  2. Book a time to brief our valuer over the phone
  3. Telephone briefing is conducted to confirm the scope of work and pick up the details
  4. We request additional information, if required
  5. We send you an invoice for the full amount
  6. Three business days following the full payment you receive a draft Sales Memorandum for review and comments
  7. One business day following our receipt of your comments you receive the final Sales Memorandum