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Business Value Enhancement service

Our business value enhancement service is for business owners and managers who want to increase the value of the business before offering it for sale as a whole (exit strategies), or partly (in exchange for investor funds required for the business development).

We sometimes come across a situation when the business value arrived at in a business valuation report is somewhat disappointing for the business owners. This is understandable – the owners put substantial funds, time and effort into the business, often building it from scratch, and expect the business value to reflect it. This, however, is not always the case as some business areas can be lagging behind, preventing a higher value from eventuating.

To help business owners and managers build the business value up, we offer a couple of business value improvement services:

Value Enhancement Brief

Value Enhancement Brief is normally put together based on the business valuation report we prepared earlier. It outlines value improvement suggestions streaming from the obvious issues identified while performing the business valuation service.

Value Enhancement Analysis

Value Enhancement Analysis is a comprehensive strategic analysis of the business. Here, our analysts:

  • delve deeper into internal and external aspects of the business;
  • identify the organisation’s desired position and outline the strategic priorities, goals and objectives to attain it;
  • suggest rational and implementable strategies to achieve the goals;
  • estimate and explain the potential effects of the suggested initiatives on the business value.

Value Enhancement Analysis can be commissioned as a stand-alone engagement or in conjunctions with a full-scope business valuation report.

Benefits of a professional Business Value Enhancement service:

  • Effective value building tool to get your business ready for the chosen exit (business sale, merger, management buyout, succession, IPO, etc.) or expansion (investor funds, IPO, etc.) option
  • Independent, detailed professional review of your business
  • Provides you with a professionally prepared strategic document
  • Clearly defines the outcomes that the business is seeking to achieve
  • Outlines strategies for achieving the set goals
  • Equips you with an effective implementation plan and the tools for its execution
  • Enables you to start building your business value up with a clear plan
  • Defines the levels of effort and the time frames

How much does a Business Value Enhancement service cost?

Value Enhancement Brief service performed after the business valuation service costs $745, including GST.

Value Enhancement Analysis performed after the business valuation service costs from $945. Value Enhancement Analysis as a stand-alone service costs from $2,685.

This is how we would deliver your Business Value Enhancement service:

  1. Call us on 02 4295 0079 or email us at
  2. Book an interview with our Senior Business Valuer/Head Planner. During our interview we will discuss your needs, expectations and the business details. Following this, you will receive an obligation-free proposal clearly stating the brief for the service, the outcomes, steps involved, the price and the time frame to compete the service.
  3. It takes from seven working days to complete a Business Value Enhancement Analysis draft